Premium Houjicha  上ほうじ茶
Premium Houjicha  上ほうじ茶

Premium Houjicha 上ほうじ茶

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While most houjicha is made from bancha harvested in autumn, our Premium Houjicha is made of sencha from the precious first flush harvested in May. The delicacy of spring leaves, deep roasted at a high temperature, translates into a richer flavor with notes of buttery walnuts. Enjoy this low-caffeine, medium-bodied, clear and light "woodsy" soul-soothing drink and its elegant toasty aroma in the evening.

  • Brewing guidelines: 2 piled tsp. to 200-300 ml water at 90℃/194 ºF steeped for 1 minute

  • Harvest: May, First Flush

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