Tea Internship

*Please contact us when you have made a decision.
*We want people who are interested in tea to come.
If you are not interested in tea, your stay here will not be interesting...
*If you do not receive a reply, please contact us again
*Please arrive on a day other than Saturday.
Our volunteer tea internship provides an opportunity for tea enthusiasts to experience Japanese tea culture first hand on our organic tea farms. You will be exposed to organic farming methods and aid with various aspects of our work from planting to harvesting to packaging. The work you will be helping with will depend on the season and the specific needs of the tea farm at that moment. Depending on your unique skills, you can also start your own initiative or project!
Please notice
*We can’t help you getting a visa
*Please get insurance
*We are tea farmers and do not have time to answer each applicant's question each time. Please take a look at this page and decide.
*After you have made your decision, please contact us with your preferred date.
*There is a limit to the number of interns accepted. 

Acceptable Period、2024 

①May13~August 10

② August 20 - end of October


* Long-term stays are available(Within the above dates)

Please come with your own visa(We can’t help you getting a visa)


Tea Farming Calendar

Spring (March – May)
Kabuse (Early April:covering tea trees)
Harvesting(Mid April~Early May)
Processing at the green tea factory(Tea is processed by machine, so the work is to clean the factory)

Summer (June,July – September)

(The majority of the work will be weeding.
This is the most important work in organic farming!)

Fall (September – November)
Processing green tea(Tea is processed by machine, so the work is to clean the factory)

Winter (November – February)
sorry,we are not available.(It's cold)

Accommodation & Meals(Free)

You will get to sleep on traditional tatami and we will provide you with futons, pillows and blankets.

On workdays, you will enjoy freshly cooked Japanese lunch and dinner.

(Meals on your days off from work are not included.)

(Please eat your own Breakfast)

If you have any dietary restrictions, feel free to let us know and we will prepare accordingly. *Meals are vegetable-based.  *Our tea is free to drink. If you drink coffee, please bring your own(No coffee maker)

*Sorry, no meat-eaters please, as We cannot cook meat for every meal.

Internship/Volunteering Expectations

From Monday to Saturday, our workdays typically start at 8am and end at 5pm. Sunday or Rainy day is a day off.
If you want to have time off for a day trip or just need some rest, talk to us and we will take care of it!
You need not know how to speak Japanese, although we will be happy if you are interested in language exchanges.

Experience Life in Japan's Countryside

This is a great opportunity to learn not just about Japanese tea, but about traditional Japanese life in general. This is your possibility to experience a side of Japanese life that is available to few visitors.

In your free time, there are local restaurants and cafes that you can explore. With our farm close to Fujieda City and half an hour away from Shizuoka City, there are lots of opportunities for sightseeing! Shizuoka offers something for everyone — whether it be pottery classes, beer festivals, or traditional woodworking. Situated in a beautiful mountainous area, our place is perfect for anyone who enjoys biking, running, and hiking (we can share our favourite trails!).

Qualities of an Ideal Intern

• Positive :)
• Hardworking
• Problem solver
• Creative
• Passionate about the environment
• Appreciates and respects Japanese culture and values
• Loves tea!

What Interns Say About Us

One of our lovely tea interns, Narm from Thailand wrote an article about her tea internship experience with us!
Read about her tea internship experience here.

Join Us at the Tea Farms Today!

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit this form at least 1 week before your desired start date.

Please write a cover letter detailing:
1. Why you are interested in completing a tea internship with us, and
2. What you hope to gain from the experience

We look forward to seeing you soon! 🍵