There is a traditional Japanese farmhouse, over a century old, situated beside the local shrine that we have recently renovated as a guest house for those who want to enjoy a longer, relaxed stay in the countryside. We will pick you up from the train station after 5pm to shuttle you to the house, and transport you to the grocery store when needed. 

During your stay you will have access to all the attractions our community has to offer. You can go on a tour of the tea fields or harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables; you can make bowls and plates at the local pottery center or learn how to make chopsticks from a local woodworker; in the evening, you can even learn traditional Japanese cooking from local chefs! And if you are looking for more independent exploration, you will be provided with two bicycles for easy transportation. Our goal is to instill visitors with a love for our wonderful community, and a desire to come back again and again!

The price for the first night is 30000JPY for up to two people, with another 1000JPY for each additional person. Subsequent nights are 25000JPY. The check out time is 12pm. Please contact us here for booking your visit and any additional information you may require.
We look forward to your visit with us!