Experience Japan's Countryside at Tsubaki Tei 椿邸, a Century Old Traditional Japanese House


*Please check the prices on the page below first and decide if you want to make a reservation before contacting us!


About Tsubaki Tei Guest House

Tsubaki Tei is a traditional Japanese farm house, over a century old, situated beside the local shrine, that we have recently renovated as a guest house for those who want to enjoy a longer, relaxed stay in the countryside.

"Tsubaki" is the Japanese name of the flower, Japanese camellia, which is traditionally used for decoration in Japanese tea ceremonies.


Available Activities

Recommended Restaurants

Meguri-an(Handnade Soba)      www.megurisoba.com/en/

Unoki(Handnade Soba)       www.facebook.com/soba.unoki/

Trobeejyu(Vegetarian Buffet)www.facebook.com/Tarobeeju/


Recommendated Experience(Advance reservations are required)

Suisha-mura(Japanese Traditional Experience)   suishamura.com



During your stay, you can also access many memorable activities our Fujieda community has to offer:(Advance reservations are required)

  • Go on a tour of the tea fields
  • Harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Make your own ceramics (bowls, plates, cups and more) at Fujieda Pottery Center (they also sell kakigori!)
  • Learn traditional Japanese cooking 
  • If you fancy independent exploration, enjoy explorations around the area via bicycle – we provide 2 bicycles for you
  • We are able to drive you to the grocery stores if you require

Our hope is to instill visitors with a love for our wonderful Fujieda community,
and a desire to come back again and again!




First Night:
33,000JPY for 1person
40,000JPY for 2people
+10,000 for each additional person

Subsequent Nights: 
¥30,000(up to 2people)
¥40,000(up to 4people)
¥50,000(up to 6people)
Accommodates up to 6 people

Check In Process:
We will pick you up from Fujieda train station after 5pm to drive you to the house.
We are also happy to drive you to the grocery stores if you require.

Check Out Time:

Reserve now 

Feel free to contact us through the above link if you have any other enquiries.
We look forward to having you with us!