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Connecting People, Agriculture & Nature

We are a cooperative of tea farmers producing 100% organic, mountain-grown tea in Shizuoka Prefecture, every step of the way from plantation to packaging, since 1976.


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Tsubaki Tei 椿邸 Guest House:

Experience Japan's Countryside at a Traditional Japanese House

Savour Japan's slow rural life in Tsubaki Tei, a traditional Japanese house with over a century of history, surrounded by nature, tea, local food, and local crafts.

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In the Summer of 2018 we worked on the Setoya project and stayed at the hardworking Kinezuka family for a week. We felt like a part of the family. Grandmother's homemade dashi, the freshly roasted black tea smell in the morning and the beautiful mountain views are a couple of things we dearly miss. During our stay we learned a lot about harvesting and replanting tea plants, it was great to experience it real life! Hopefully we can visit again in the future!

Kees & Ashley, Travelling Tea

We are happy we had an opportunity to spent nice time with Kinezuka family and their friends on the farm. It was very rare and enriching experience for us. Kinezuka family is amazing. They show us how much effort, interest and love is in the single cup of their tea. We enjoy tea also as idea of organic tea is close to our way of thinking. We always order tea from them to drink it every day during whole year in our home in Czech Republic. Thanks to them we have piece of Japan close to us every day.

Alice, Czech Republic

Tasting the tea, feeling the passion, enjoy the safety and sustainability, it's never just a tea, but a promise to the earth we are living.

John To, Hong Kong



Shizuoka 426-0134, Japan