Tea Tours

An experience crafted for tea lovers

*Sorry,We don't accept from April to June 10.

We offer tours of our farm as an opportunity to get an in-person glimpse of the environment in which our tea is grown and produced. On your tour, you will take a trip up in the mountains to see the tea trees up close and enjoy the surrounding views, such as Mount Fuji, bay, peninsula and a bird's eye view of Shizuoka City.

Join us in our home to enjoy a tasting of the variety of teas that we produce and get answers to any further questions you may have about our company, or Japanese tea in general.

Finally, we will take you to a local shop with a variety of our tea and other souvenirs to take home. This day is aimed at tea lovers everywhere! 

Tour Itinerary

Our organic tea farms are situated in Shizuoka, an area that is well-known for green tea production in Japan. Our day begins at 1pm where we will meet you at Fujieda station, and from there take you on a 2 hour tour around the tea plantations of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tour Fee

Our tour is 100 euros per person.(2Hour)

How to Sign Up

Please contact us here