Japanese Black Tea: Setoya Momiji (Loose Leaf) 紅茶・瀨戶谷もみじ

Japanese Black Tea: Setoya Momiji (Loose Leaf) 紅茶・瀨戶谷もみじ

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This is loose leaf tea. We also offer our black tea in tea bags.

Fresh new leaves that grow in early summer form the basis of our pure Japanese black tea.

Unbrewed, the leaves emanate a dusky, sensual perfume. Prepared, our Japanese black tea is characterized by its natural sweetness, lack of bitterness, and great patience. It is distinctly smoother and less astringent than traditional black tea. Easy to brew, agreeably smooth on the tongue, fantastic iced. Try it without milk or sugar.

We employ unique proprietary methods refined over the last decade, drawing from industry best practices and equipment from Sri Lanka, home to some of the world's finest black teas.

  • Brewing guidelines:  3 grams in 200-300 ml water at 100℃/212 ºF steeped for 4 minutes

  • Harvest: June to July, Second Flush

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