Premium Midori 初摘みみどり
Premium Midori 初摘みみどり

Premium Midori 初摘みみどり

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ASA-MUSHI, light-steamed green tea.

The best of Japanese sencha green teas, this is made from Hashiri Shincha (走り新茶), the very first buds of spring.

Prepared since the previous fall, the first buds of spring are packed with nutrients stocked up in the roots over the long, cold winter. The result is the highest grade of tea leaf and an especially strong and complex flavor. Harvested from our best fields at the start of the shincha (first flush) season, the theanine amino acid content of the buds is at its peak, imparting in the tea a deep, sweet and savory flavor reminiscent of a light sea breeze.

  • Brewing guidelines: 2 piled tsp. to 100-300 ml boiled water cooled to 50˚C/122˚F, steeped for 2 minutes.

  • Harvest: April, First Flush

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