Aged Midori 深みどり
Aged Midori 深みどり

Aged Midori 深みどり

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FUKA-MUSHI, deep-steamed green tea.

It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa clan of shoguns, was fond of aging shincha harvested in May in a container. Such kuradashi (literally, “removing from the warehouse”) generally refers to tea that has been aged for at least one year.

The unique grassiness of ichibancha (First Flush harvest) is taken over in our Jukusei Fukamushicha (“aged deep steamed green tea”) by a stronger astringency and is therefore recommended for sencha drinkers fond of strong green teas.

Harvest date: May, First Flush from last year

Brewing guidelines: 2 piled tsp. to 100-300 ml water at 80℃/180 ºF, steeped for 1 minute.

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