Yabukita Midori   やぶきたみどり
Yabukita Midori   やぶきたみどり

Yabukita Midori やぶきたみどり

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CHU-MUSHI, mid-steamed green tea.

The Yabukita cultivar's flavor and aroma make it very suitable for Japanese sencha. The first flush of young leaves undergoes the steaming, drying and rolling process, but not the finishing process of separating the leaves from stems as done with the Premium and Spring Midori First Flush teas.

This medium-steamed green tea (chumushi-cha) brews a light golden-green cup with a sweet aroma of freshly cut grass. Its refreshing, clean flavor and mild, pleasing astringency on the palate makes it an excellent accompaniment to light meals. A reliable choice for the occasional or daily sencha drinker.

  • Brewing guidelines: 2 piled tsp. to 100-300ml water at 60℃/140 ºF steeped for 1-2 minutes

  • Harvest: May, First Flush

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