Premium Kabuse  冠茶
Premium Kabuse  冠茶

Premium Kabuse 冠茶

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ASA-MUSHI, light-steamed green tea.

From one of Japan's organic tea pioneers comes an extraordinary kabusecha: Organic Premium Kabuse. Shaded for 20 days before harvest, rather than the usual two weeks, the deep pine-green leaf needles delight with a rich ambrosia of umami savoriness. Distinct and delightfully complex, but harmonious vegetal notes make it all at once refreshing, nourishing and stimulating.

  • Brewing guidelines: 2 piled tsp. to 100-300 ml boiled water cooled to 50˚C/122˚F, steeped for 2 minutes. Increase temperature to 70˚C/158˚F to 90˚C/194˚F for the second brew.

  • Harvest: May, First Flush

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