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Our sencha green teas are produced entirely from first-flush spring leaves. Harvested only once a year, these teas represent the pinnacle of our productions, and a standard of what is possible with organic farming in Japan.

Along with sencha, we produce a variety of other styles of green tea, including blends and roasted teas such as genmaicha, kukicha, houjicha and akibancha. Many of these are an excellent choice for those looking for good, organic tea that is very low in caffeine

We also produce black tea, which was once quite commonly produced throughout Japan, but the tradition was lost in the past century as less-expensive black teas from elsewhere flooded the market. We have made a project of learning how to make a black tea that fully captures the unique character of Japanese tea trees and terroir without sacrificing the full body and boldness that people expect from a good black tea.

Please refer here for general brewing guidelines.

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  • Yabukita Midori やぶきたみどり
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    A refreshing and clean mid-steamed green tea from the yabukita cultivar
  • Setoya Midori 瀨戸谷みどり
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    A simple mid-steamed green tea grown in Setoya.