Please use the links below to book a tour, and give us at least two weeks advance notice.
We offer tours of our farm as an opportunity to get an in-person glimpse of the environment in which our tea is grown and produced. On your tour, you will be taken to two of our fields on different mountains to see the tea trees up close and enjoy the surrounding views. You will be taken to one of the factories to learn about the equipment used to produce our tea. Finally, you will join us in our home to enjoy a tasting of the variety of teas that we produce and get answers to any further questions you may have about our company, or Japanese tea in general.
To schedule a tour, please visit OutdoortripVoyagin.


If taking a tour is not enough to satisfy your love of tea, we understand. How about visiting us for an extended stay to help with our work? This is a great chance to learn not just about Japanese tea, but about rural Japanese life in general. We will provide you with a comfortable place to stay and all of your meals while you join us in whatever work that the season requires. Whenever the opportunity arises, we will bring you along to experience local festivals and try the local cuisine. This is your opportunity to experience a side of Japanese life that is available to few visitors.


If you are interested in volunteering, we ask that you contact us here at least one month before your desired start date.




There is an over-100-year old traditional Japanese farmhouse situated beside the local shrine that we have recently renovated as a guest house for those who want to enjoy a longer, relaxed stay in the countryside. We will pick you up from the train station after 5pm to shuttle you to the house, and transport you to the grocery store when needed. You will be provided with information about nearby attractions, and even have the opportunity to learn traditional Japanese home cooking with local residents.
The price for the first night is 35000JPY for up to two people, with another 1000JPY for each additional person. Subsequent nights are 20000JPY. The check out time is 12pm. Please contact us here for booking your visit and any additional information you may require.
We look forward to your visit with us!