We are thrilled to offer unique, handmade teaware produced by our friend Yuji Murakami.



Murakami-san was born in Fukuoka Prefecture on the large southern island of Kyushu. By junior high school he had discovered his passion for ceramics, and after graduating from school he joined a pottery center in Tajimi City for formal training. After completing his training, he entered into an apprenticeship under Ryota Aoki.

Nowadays he runs pottery center of his own in the Okubo region of Shizuoka Prefecture, where he lives with his wife and their child. He is known locally for his trademark naturally curly hair.



Murakami-san's focus is on creating simple, balanced wares that enhance any tea session through their elegance. The graceful, even curves, smooth glaze, and light weight of each piece makes it comfortable to hold, while the thin rims and spouts ensure a smooth pour. We hope that his work will bring a new sense of joy to your tea time!