Organic Fujieda Matcha

This matcha is produced by a fellow organic farmer here in our local mountains from 100% Yabukita cultivar tea leaves. This tea is harvested in mid-May after three weeks of shading. It is processed using conventional milling machines. We believe that it is a fine example of the potential to make good quality, organic matcha here in Fujieda.

For a reference on ceremonial brewing techniques, we recommend this guide:


Powdered Tea: Edible Sencha 食べるお茶

This fine powder made from our Yabukita Midori is packed with the goodness of catechin, polyphenols, and vitamins. Simply dilute with cold, warm or hot water for a quick refreshment, mix with salt to make a tempura dip (chajio), or add to smoothies, cookies, cakes, latte and ice cream to enjoy the light fragrance of sencha in your favorite snacks. Be creative!

  • Brewing guidelines: 1 piled tsp. to 300 ml water (any temperature)

  • Harvest: May, First Flush


Charcoal Tea Powder 茶炭茶粉

This powder is produced from heavily roasted tea. Its toasty fragrance and sweetness make it an excellent choice for those looking to add a new note their baking and cooking repertoire. Alternatively, you can mix it directly with hot or cold water to drink.