While we do make some powdered teas, we do not produce any matcha ourselves. We have, however received many requests over the years from international customers asking for help in sourcing high-quality organic matcha. Thus, we offer two types of organic matcha that meet our standards for organic farming and and quality of the tea.

Organic Aichi Matcha

This matcha is produced by a group of organic farmers in Aichi Prefecture, which neighbors our prefecture of Shizuoka to the west. It is a very good quality organic matcha with a deep, mellow flavor that is versatile enough for ceremonial or casual drinking as desired. It is ground by stone in the traditional manner.

We strongly recommend consuming matcha as quickly as possible after opening the package. Matcha will begin to lose its color and aroma rapidly if allowed to sit around after opening. Pleases drink it quickly so as to fully enjoy the best qualities this tea has to offer! If you buy multiple packs, we suggest storing them in a freezer and taking them out to sit unopened at room temperature for 24 hours before consumption to avoid condensation damage. When storing in refrigeration, make sure that it is fully sealed to avoid adulteration from other food aromas.

We believe that this is a good guide for how to prepare ceremonial style matcha:


Organic Fujieda Matcha

This matcha is produced by a fellow organic farmer here in our local mountains from 100% Yabukita cultivar tea leaves. This tea is harvested in mid-May after three weeks of shading. It is processed using conventional milling machines. We believe that it is a fine example of the potential to make good quality, organic matcha here in Fujieda.


Powdered Tea: Edible Sencha 食べるお茶

This fine powder made from our Yabukita Midori is packed with the goodness of catechin, polyphenols, and vitamins. Simply dilute with cold, warm or hot water for a quick refreshment, mix with salt to make a tempura dip (chajio), or add to smoothies, cookies, cakes, latte and ice cream to enjoy the light fragrance of sencha in your favorite snacks. Be creative!

  • Brewing guidelines: 1 piled tsp. to 300 ml water (any temperature)

  • Harvest: May, First Flush


Charcoal Tea Powder 茶炭茶粉

This powder is produced from heavily roasted tea. Its toasty fragrance and sweetness make it an excellent choice for those looking to add a new note their baking and cooking repertoire. Alternatively, you can mix it directly with hot or cold water to drink.