Please refer here for general brewing guidelines.

Black tea was once quite commonly produced throughout Japan, but the tradition was lost in the past century as less-expensive black teas from elsewhere flooded the market. We have made a project of learning how to make a black tea that fully captures the unique character of Japanese tea trees and terroir without sacrificing the full body and boldness that people expect from a good black tea.

Japanese Black Tea: Setoya Momiji 紅茶・瀨戶谷もみじ

Fresh new leaves that grow in early summer form the basis of our pure Japanese black tea.

Unbrewed, the leaves emanate a dusky, sensual perfume. Prepared, our Japanese black tea is characterized by its natural sweetness, lack of bitterness, and great patience. It is distinctly smoother and low in astringency.

We employ unique proprietary methods refined over the last decade, drawing from training that we received in our travels to Sri Lanka, famous for the quality of its black teas. Unlike many black teas produced in India and Sri Lanka, however, we maintain the full leaf during processing rather than tearing it.

  • Brewing guidelines:  3 grams in 200-300 ml water at 100℃/212 ºF steeped for 4 minutes

  • Harvest: June to July, Second Flush

Along with standard loose-leaf, we offer this tea in tea bags.