Murakami Yuzamashi
Murakami Yuzamashi
Murakami Yuzamashi

Murakami Yuzamashi

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This yuzamashi from Murakami-san has a varied, textured glaze. It was designed for cooling freshly-boiled water before brewing tea, but of course it can be versatile in its use, as the glaze makes it extremely easy to clean.

Each one measures approximately 105mm x 85mm x 50mm. These are made individually by hand, so expect some small differences in size and shape.


Murakami-san makes simple and beautiful wares that bring a sense of elegance to any tea room. His gaiwan are composed of graceful curves, and are perfect for gently coaxing the full depth of flavors from your tea. The rims of the gaiwan and yunomi are made thin and even, perfect for easy pouring and comfortable drinking. With a smooth glaze and light, balanced weight, each piece is a pleasure to hold as it is used. He hopes that they will bring joy and beauty to your tea time.

Murakami Yuji was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, on Japan's large southern island of Kyushu. He knew that he wanted to be a potter as far back as his days as a junior high school student. After graduating from school, he entered a pottery center in Tajimi City for formal training. After completing his training at the center he entered into an apprenticeship under Ryota Aoki. Now he is independent and since 2015 has lived in the Okubo area in Shizuoka Prefecture where he is married and has a child. He has his own pottery center in the countryside and is locally know for his trademark naturally curly hair.